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Have you been looking for instant access to club penguin? Club Penguin free membership can be hard to come by but we have you covered with working card codes. Check out just how easy it is to get a working membership code. Now you may be wondering how this whole thing works. Well, we can’t give every single user a working card code because frankly that would be way too expensive for us to afford as a small website so what we do is select a small few in a giveaway service that we hold weekly. This way we can help out a portion of our users and not cost any of them anything other than a small amount of their time. Now a lot of other websites have spam and such on their homepage but we like to keep it clean with surveys that are actually fun to take. We would love to offer our services for completely free but we need your help finding a funding source.

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Everyone loves to play Club Penguin now and again but it can be kind of expensive that’s why we came up with this alternative because we know how pricey $8 per month can really add up to. There is certainly a lot to do in the game but there isn’t an overwhelming amount and that monthly fee doesn’t always stretch to it’s full potential, that’s why we provide card codes for our users to activate on their account with ease.

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Club Penguin Free Membership would love to hear what you guys like about CP and what kind of tips or tricks you have used to maneuver your way through difficult situations. There are obviously tons of guides out there but it would be nice to see some discussion on our site regarding these topics so that we can become an authority of all things Club Penguin.

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Please feel free to add a comment below so that we can assist you if you are having any difficulties on our site. Club Penguin Free Membership does our best to provide the most accurate information in a timely manner and help as many people as possible. Check out our FAQ page for more information if you have any general questions regarding our mission or how we approach helping our users.

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Welcome to Club Penguin Free Membership, we are the authority site for getting 100% free club penguin membership codes so you can play CP for 1 month at no direct cost. We are just getting set up so keep checking back for more information soon.