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Club Penguin Free Membership

Hey fellow CP players,

I realized recently that club penguin membership was fairly expensive. Most of our parents don’t want to pay for their kid to play a video game so I had one of my friends who is gifted at making programs develop a program that generate working club penguin membership codes. Instead of keeping them to myself I decided to share them. If you want a free club penguin membership code all you need to do is click the link below and it will direct you to a page that has working club penguin membership codes. I post below the link when I added new codes so you know when the list was updated.

Watch this video if you need proof that my club penguin membership codes work!

List of club penguin membership codes link

New membership codes were added on:

A lot of us want to get the members feature for club penguin like new outfits, areas, furniture, etc. . . But our parents don’t want to pay every month so we can sit at our computers and play a game. Well don’t worry guys I am here to help you out. I will keep adding new codes everyday so you can get a free one month membership to club penguin. Unfortunately to get your code you will need to fill out a simple quiz to get your code because this site costs money to keep up and the program that generates codes costs money also. But each quiz takes less than two minutes so it’s really worth your time compared to ten dollars a month. If you don’t feel like filling out a quiz to get your code then good luck either finding another site that has working club penguin codes or having your parents pay for your membership each month.

I do only post three codes each day so only three people can get a one month membership each day. If the code you get doesn’t work then you will have to check back the next day. If you check back more than three times without getting a working club penguin membership code just leave a comment with your email and I will personally email you one.


You can thank me on Club Penguin J

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Free 1 Month CP Membership Codes!

The link below has consistently provided working 1 month membership codes for Club Penguin. New codes are being added daily!

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