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Club Penguin Free Membership – How To Get Free Club Penguin Membership Instantly

Hey everyone,

Nowadays it is becoming harder to play club penguin as a member because the membership gets expensive after a while. That’s why I made this website. People like me should have club penguin free membership so they can play their favorite game. Besides who doesn’t want to be a member of club penguin. The free attributes of the game are really lame and don’t allow you to do much of anything.

Need Proof that you will get a free club penguin membership? Watch this video!

Club Penguin Free Membership Link

New club penguin membership codes were added on:

Why do you give away club penguin free membership?

I get that question on a very frequent basis. The simple answer is that I was in your situation a year ago and didn’t have the money to pay for club penguin membership. After around six months of having free club penguin membership I decided to not be greedy and develop a website to share the free membership codes with fellow club penguin members. For your convenience I do add new membership codes either everyday of every other day so all of the codes are fresh and should work.

How do you get all of the club penguin membership codes?

It’s kind of hard to explain but I have a friend who is a computer programmer and figured out how club penguin generates codes that will allow you to access the members area of club penguin. After he showed me this program I purchased it from him and that is why you need to fill out a survey before you receive your club penguin free membership codes. The survey’s that are listed only take a few moments to complete and don’t require any personal information. I’m sorry for the inconvenience but I need a way to pay for the maitenance, hosting, and the program that are all featured on this website.

Where do I get these club penguin free membership codes?

Well that is simple, just click the link above that says, “club penguin free membership link”. After you click the link you will be directed to the page with the club penguin free membership codes. Before you get your codes though I do require that you fill out a simple survey. It only takes a few moments like I said before and after you complete one of the surveys the content locker will immediately disappear and you will be able to view three membership codes. One of them should work unless three people beat you to getting the codes. In that case just check back the next day and there should be a refreshed.

Enjoy your club penguin free membership! :)

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